Service of Restoring Tool Joints through Build-Up and Hardbanding.

Since autumn 2019, DENIMEX along with DJ Tubular Service Pte has launched a new service: hardbanding and build-up of drill pipe tool joints.

The high prices of new drill pipes create the search for and implementation of new technologies for the refurbishment thereof. Normally, the most intensive wearout affects the tools joints of drill pipe – pins and boxes. A critical wearout factor is the reduction of tool joint diameter by 10-12%.
Accordingly, the priority direction for solving this problem is the development of the technology of BUILDUP of tool joints that were already in operation, and the use of innovative hardbanding technology for restoring of diameter of the tool joint. DP tool joints are restored by electric arc surfacing, due to what the mechanical properties of the tool joints gain the required performance attributes.
Meantime, unworn tool joints can be protected by applying of hard-face bands on the outer diameter of tool joint. This process is called HARDBANDING.
   For DP, usually, a 3” wide band is applied, with the band steady thickness of 2.4-3.2 mm.
   For DC, amount of used alloy may vary, depending on the available area, and can be applied to both the PIN and the BOX ends.
   For HWDP, the weld band is usually 5” wide for the PIN and BOX ends, and 6” wide for the mid upset of the pipe body.


  • A reliable protection of tool joints: under conditions where drilling depth increases, more and more load is put on the joint and on the string itself, while the replacement of the string is too expensive;
  • An increase in surface hard-wearing and operational life of DP: due to the applied hardbanding, the total contact area of DP with surface is reduced, thus resulting in lower friction and tightening;
  • High performance hardbanding alloys: DJ Tubular Service Pte invented the most effective, durable and non-cracking alloys. The CR2000 product has optimal properties and can be reused at a minimum cost.

      Presentations:    Hardbanding (Eng) + ­ˇ˝ (Rus)